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. you can follow all the action here from america's election headquarters on our website at you go to the hospital, right? the doctor gives the region gives you the anesthetic. surgery begins. lots of times, everything goes perfectly. sometimes, the doctors make a mistake and you wake up going, you are kidding me. since 2007, it happened five times at one hospital alone. >> this is a serious concern. shepard: doctors performing surgery on the wrong body part. now, drastic actions prevented from happening here again. what about other hospitals? what you need to know before you go under the knife. ú#÷@ç still tired of morning coming in the middle of the night? rooster crow. still tired the next day too? when you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, remember 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer helps you fall asleep quickly. and unlike other sleep aids, a second helps you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behav
investigation of the massacre at fort hood. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. as america honors those who sacrifice for this nation, we're geths new clues tonight -- we're getting new clues tonight about the attack at the army post and new word tonight from the suspect's lawyer. >> he understood who i was and he understands his current defense team. shepard: and what might have prevented the feds from investigating major hasan before the rampage. also, hearing for the first time from the hero sergeant who helped stop the suspect. but first from fox tonight, a first look inside the home of the suspect from fort hood. our camera crews entered his small apartment today in colleen, texas. just a few blocks away from the army post where he's accused of going on a shooting rampage killing 13 and wounding 29 others. a lot of the basics, chairs, laundry, cleaning supplies, and what may be clues to what major hasan may have been doing in the months, days and even hours before the attacks. clues from washington that they may allow them to fill in more blanks. let's go to chris gutierrez l
is going to jail. >> when you mess with america's emotions, america will hurt you. the d.a.'s will ask for jail on richard. >> ultimately, the judge makes the decision on punishment. as you mentioned, that comes during sentencing next month. trace: thank you. it claims that it is a muslim charity organization but the feds say it is funneling money to the government of iran. new details about a blockbuster criminal investigation, plus, time to break out the wetvac. these scenes are up and down the east coast. ñÑ trace: an update from "the fox report" last night. investigators moving to take control of property owned by a group that might have funneled money to the iranian government. the feds say the foundation sends money to iran and it is used in the nuclear program. prosecutors began the process of seizing real estate owned by the group in five states. among the assets, four shiite muslim mosques. eric shawn is outside one of those mosques in queens. >> the question tonight, has iran infiltrated america through this foundation? we told you about that foundation as part of our inves
night that could help predict america's political future. >> you can't find two more different people than me and jon corzine. >> the stakes of this election could not be higher. shepard: tonight, in new jersey, in new york, and in virginia, election machines are fired up for contests that could be a sign of what's to come for congress. and, for the white house. first, from fox tonight, an urgent recall of a half million pounds of ground beef following two deaths and dozens of illnesses across our nation. health officials say the e.coli bacteria may be to blame. remember undercooked beef can cause e.coli poisoning. if you eat it, it can make you very sick and even cause your kidneys to shut down. the federal centers for disease control and prevention now reports that two people are dead in new hampshire and new york. most likely, they say, from e.coli infection. we're told most of the other suspected e.coli infections are reported in states in new england. but the cdc also warns that the ground beef at risk has been distributed to stores all up and down the east coast, including store
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're in a fiery crash, hope you're driving one be these. the safest cars in america. is yours on the list? first, the attorney general eric holder headed to capitol hill today to explain why he chose to put khalid shaikh mohammed and four other suspects from the attacks of 9/11 on trial here in new york, in a civilian courthouse just a few blocks from ground zero. critics say that's insensive and makes new york more of a target. the attorney general argues that prosecutors in new york have the best chance of convicting the men. ease tried to explain the matter to the senate judiciary committee, things got explosive. >> how could you be more likely to get a conviction in federal court when khalid shaikh mohammed already asked to plead guilty before a military tribunal and be executed? >> the decision is not based on the whims and desires of khalid shaikh mohammed. he will not select the prosecution venue. i will select it and i have. we know that we can prosecute terrorists in our federal courts safely and security -- securely because we have been doing so for years. there are more than 300 convi
say that it could have a big impact on the gop's future. we have team coverage for america's election headquarters. molly line is in saranac, new york. major garrett is looking at what results could mean for the president in washington. first, shannon, what is the feeling about the governor's race where you are? >> so many of the group's carl mentioned in virginia are key groups here. minorities and women. what he needs to do is solidify the base and motivated enough to get up the boat. president obama took the state by 15 vote margin, -- 15% margin, campaigning with corzine. they need to get out to the polls and make sure they show up, and we're waiting to find out the numbers of how heavy or light the turnout was today, and that could be a big deciding factor. it is all about the democratic base in this case. shepard: the republican challenger sounded very optimistic today. >> we caught up with chris christie, who is neck and neck in the fight. democrats tend to close strong here in new jersey. he feels good about where he has been, and asked about his prediction, not only does he c
america is an umbrella society of muslim groups and the society has set up a web site. it's for the hood family for anyone who would like to donate. and new details tonight about another apparent murder spree. federal investigators are looking into the case of a suspected serial killer in the city of cleveland to try to figure out whether anthony sowell may have been involved in other murders around the world. sowell is a convicted sex offender from cleveland who police say was living with the rotting remains of at least 11 people around his home. the fbi reports it's now reviewing at least three unsolved murders from the late 1980s to see if he may have been involved. it's checking into murders that occurred in places where he lived while serving in the military, including in south carolina, north carolina, camp pendleton in california and oak kin that what you, japan. we have also learned that sowell is facing additional charges. a grand jury indicted him for rape and attempted murder. that's on top of five counts of aggravated murder. he could face life in prison if convicted
america, i do not think that we should make chicago land the center of jihadi attention in the world. >> you also have to consider the feelings of the folks who live there. >> we don't need those kind of prisoners over here. >> the area definitely can use the jobs so it's ok with me. i have no problem. >> if it helps the community out, yeah, this nice little town is not going to be nice no more. jon: no doubt it's a tough choice and perhaps one that races -- raises a basic question can you put a price tag on your safety. first to corinnason live in thompson, illinois. corinna, what are the biggest concerns of the people making this decision? >> well, as anyone would guess, jon, safety is the number one concern if the gitmo detainees are going to be housed here in federal officials who were here earlier today sewed that an additional perimeter would be put up to make it just as safe or even safer than super max, which is currently the nation's highest security prison. federal officials have looked at a number of other locations but were careful not to indicate which one was their favo
join me tomorrow, noon eastern, for america's news headquarters. good evening, everyone. see you soon. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute julie: tiger woods' wife comes to his rescue after his car crash. plus, trouble for the accused party crashers. the news starts now. now the secret service says that nobody is ruling out criminal charges. tonight, new details about the security slip up, and new questions about how these two actually got inside. plus, they missed the airport by more than one hour. now, cockpit audiotapes reveal new clues about what really happened on northwest flight 188. tonight, the pilot's conversations with controllers finally exposed. first, were the superstar go for tiger woods was in and out of consciousness after a car wreck today, and his wife actually used a golf club to smash his car's rear window and bring him to safety. comments on the accident just outside woods home. he had just pulled out of his driveway when his cadillac to a hydrant, then a tree. first reports indicat
america. arizona. arizona state university student christian andersen just bought her own business in a nearby village. when her boss decided to sell, she made an offer. >> i thought i would be out of the job. no one is giving out jobs right now. and i told her, you're going to laugh at me, but i think i am going to buy it. >> anderson makes monthly payments, getting financial help from her folks. she says that the business is doing well. colorado. police are looking for help identifying this guy, who has spoken into a county school six times. they have released the surveillance video, showing a man smoking a cigarette and doing some major damage. he is breaking into the principal's office, stealing laptops, and destroying vending machines. authorities say he cost the school more than $10,000. washington. one of seattle's light rail trains jumping tracks. it happened on an elevated platform not far from the train yard. nobody was on board, and the operator is said to be all right. pennsylvania. the point marion bridge in the western part of the state is demolished. state transporta
. >> i also make you this promise, i will not risk your lives unless it is necessary to america's vital interest. [cheers and applause] and if it is necessary, the united states of america will have your back. we'll give you the tragedy and and -- strategy and the clear mission you deserve. >> now, when will the president decide? robert gibbs said on air force 1, not during this trip, which means the president gets back to the united states on november 19th. any time after that gibbs says there will be more strategy sessions it looks like, shepard, we will get a decision from the president after thanksgiving. shepard: major garrett reporting live from tokyo this friday morning. fox news is tracking the h1n1 virus. and the feds have now reported 22 million americans have become sickened from that virus since april. 4,000, according to that report have died. that's nearly four times the previous estimates. experts now say that does not mean the h1n1 flu has gotten more powerful. they say just a better idea of how many people it's affected. in fact, we're told most cases do not require a t
the nation. fox news is on the job. . -- job hunt. >> it is called the keep america working tour and it arrived today in new york city. i got a chance to spend a few hours with some of the 2000 plus job-seekers, trying to get one of the available positions. lots of competition. here is what they had to say. >> i got laid off in august of 2008. i am seeing what happens at these doctors. >> i want to sell myself. every opportunity i have, i attend these doctors. >> for everybody that is here, all it takes is one connection to find a job. >> we're looking for five new people by the end of the year to grow our business and to help people get a great start on a career. >> this is tougher than trying out for the "american idol." i am waiting for somebody to run out of here and say, i'm going to hollywood, but i do not know that will be the case. i would like someone sang, i got a job. >> cannot tell us how many jobs there were able to secure during this tour, but they did say over 60,000 people attended throughout the year and they have six more events left this year. if yo
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13